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Sulochana Dance Academy offers a comprehensive training program in one of the most beautiful dance-forms from India.  Bharatanatyam means ‘dance filled with emotions, melodies and rhythms’.  This ancient dance form requires many years to learn and to perfect.  Dancers must be disciplined, dedicated and devoted to train their body and their mind.  

At the Academy, students are taught the expressiveness and technical aspects of this traditional dance form, as well as the cultural traditions integral to the art.  Led by founder and artistic director, Sheila Siekham, group classes are held weekly and are open to students at all levels. Private classes are open to beginners, intermediate and advanced students. The program takes beginners through basic postures, hand gestures, expressions and rhythm.  As students advance through the program, they are taught the various artistic pieces which form a   Bharatanatyam Maargam (repertoire). 

Sheila supports graduates of the program in presenting their Arangetram, or  graduation performance, a vital tradition of Bharatanatyam.  


Contact Phone : 604-961-4313, Email

Location : Surrey, BC, Canada



Guru : Sulochana Sheila Siekham

A mother, a wife and a teacher,  Sheila began her career, as a classical dancer of the beautiful and ancient artform, Bharatanatyam,  much later in life. She spent several years, in Bangalore, India,  training extensively  under the guidance of her Guru Padmini Ravi. Sheila has set high standards for herself, her school and her students. With commitment and dedication, she strives to support her students to achieve their best in the present and in the future.  Sheila completed her first arrangetram in India, in 1997 and again, in Canada, in 1998.   During her years in India while she was pursuing Bharatanatyam, Sheila received training and guidance in music from Shyamla Bhave.


Sheila has been an active dancer and singer most of her life and she has had many different experiences throughout her career.  She has performed annually in cultural and folk festivals, in many garba competitions and in various charities. Sheila has performed in Milwakee USA in front of 10,000 people.  She also choreographed for Pardesh (a Bollywood movie).  In 1997, Sheila played a part in a TV series called Breaker High as a dancer. In 2000, she was involved in a classical fusion production called Ananya.  In 2002, she co-produced Rhythms of the Night.  She has  performed  for an RCMP Conference as well as at Microsoft Conventions in both Vancouver and Toronto.  Over the years, Sheila has conducted many workshops in New Zealand, USA and Canada. 



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